Tom Cable Fired Reports: Odds for Who Will Be the Next Oakland Raiders Coach

Tom Cable is on the hot seat, and ESPN rumor-hound Adam Schefter is reporting that the Oakland Raiders will not pickup his option on January 18th.  Although Cable finished 8-8 this season, his tenure has been defined by disputes and indecision.

Oakland Raiders coaching hunts are always interesting because, well, Al Davis is crazy.  I'm not suggesting Davis doesn't know how to find coaches, he's just unique in everything he does—including hires.

The Al Davis coaching philosophy is fairly simple; he likes to find coaches without NFL head coaching experience because that means nobody has figured them out yet.  This results in Davis hiring a lot of young coaches.  He gave John Madden, Tom Flores, Mike Shanahan, Art Shell and Jon Gruden their first cracks, to give you an idea of Davis' eye for talent.

Here are the potential replacements for Tom Cable in Oakland:


Hue Jackson, OC, Oakland Raiders

Odds: 11 to 10

Jackson is responsible for the offensive explosion Oakland has had this season.  Although the passing attack is still a work in progress, the Raiders averaged 155.9 rushing yards per game, second best in the NFL.

Jackson and Cable have had altercations this season, and if Davis has to keep one of them, it will be the man who's putting points on the board.


Jim Harbaugh, HC, Stanford Cardinal

Odds: 4 to 1

Their locations are close, but there couldn't be any greater contrast than Stanford and the Raiders.  Don't let the Cardinal coach fool you, however; Harbaugh is blue-collar and would be a great fit in Oakland.

Right now, the football world is in Harbaugh's hands.  He can take a high-profile job in the Big 10 or take his quarterback, Andrew Luck, to Carolina with him.  There is a good chance Harbaugh will stay in California; the only question is if it wil...

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