Tom Cable Finds Out That Listening to Players Can Be Beneficial to His Career

Well, there you have it ladies and gentleman, not a perfect season but one to remember.  I want every Raider fan to know even though it seems like the Oakland Raiders always have crazy issues going on, so does everyone else. 

Every team has issues. An NFL season is full of ups and downs and whichever team can figure out how to manage their problems the best, will always prevail. 

I keep in contact with several players throughout the NFL, so I get to hear all of the dirty secrets from each team. Some of the things that go on behind closed doors would put most people on the floor. People have a hard time believing what I tell them about the NFL so I try to insert information slowly so I don't ruin their fantasy world. 

Some people even get mad at me when they hear the truth of the NFL, I tell them you can't always believe what you see on TV or the Internet.  What you can believe is what you see on Sundays between the lines, NFL game day will always bring out the truth. 

I could ask 50 different NFL players the same question and you would get 50 different answers and none of them would be wrong.  That is one of the privileges of playing in the NFL, NFL players have special knowledge of the game that can not be imitated even though people try everyday.

If you ever pay attention to the sidelines at an NFL game, the coaches are always talking to the players as they come off the field.  That's because playing in the game is a lot different than watching it from the sidelines. 

Coaches want to see what the players are seeing so they can get a real feel for the game, it's a knowledge only a player can give. 

You are probably wondering why am I talking about player incite?  In the last six weeks of the...

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