Tom Cable: Another Year at Head Coach for Oakland Raiders?

The Oakland Raiders have successfully earned their way out of the bottom half of the NFL.  Clearly the Raiders have not achieved all of their goals, but they have made improvements and will be going into the off-season with a good foundation to build on.

For the last eight years, the Oakland Raiders have had off-seasons that can only be described as a bull in a china shop. Trust me I was there. 

With so many coaching changes, and a list of the players that didn't want to be there, the critical off-season has not been as productive as needed.

The Raiders have been caught up in the so called "rebuilding process" for the majority of the last decade.  In order to rebuild a team, the organization and the players must gain knowledge and power from the previous season and move forward with it. 

The Raiders couldn't do this because of the constant coaching changes, and as much as we would like to think that a new coach can just pick up where the last coach left off, it doesn't work that way. 

For all of you that don't agree, listen up.  

From the outside looking in, every NFL team will always give the appearance of having a great off-season.  NFL teams will do their best to keep up a positive image, knowing that any negative press about the team could hurt ticket sales.  People forget the business side of the NFL, and in all of my years of being a fan, I have never heard of any team having a bad off-season and reporting to the fans about it. It's not good for business.  A positive spin will always come out in the end, even if a team does in fact have a poor off-season. 

The final record of a team will always tell you the truth about who had a good off-season and who didn't. 

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