Tom Cable and Resurgent Oakland Raiders Ignore Rumors After Deccade of Woes

Ever since the Oakland Raiders swept the AFC West and ended its season with an 8-8 record, there have been rumors popping up everywhere saying that Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable has lost his job or been fired from the Oakland Raiders organization.

This was discarded by many when Al Davis allowed Hue Jackson to have talks with the 49ers for a head coaching position. Hopefully, Hue Jackson will remain with the Oakland Raiders organization since he has done a lot for the team and the team is looking promising.

Fact of the matter is, where Tom Cable is involved, it is all just rumors. If you look at what the Oakland Raiders have gone though in times past and the failed seasons, it's apparent that Cable is going nowhere but remaining in Oakland.

Cable has become the glimmer of hope for the team and for those of you who have forgotten what this once legendary team has gone through in the past decade, here is a recap.

The Oakland Raiders have been working their way out of a slumber since the team lost coach Jon Gruden. In fact, during the 2002 season, Jon Gruden's replacement Bill Callahan helped get the team to Super Bowl XXXVII.

The game was a huge disappointment as the team faltered 48-21.

Callahan and the Oakland Raiders played against its old coach Jon Gruden. Tampa Bay Buccaneer Warren Sapp explained that the Bucs and Gruden knew every play the Raiders were contemplating and it showed on the field.

Since that game, it has been nothing but failure for the team.

Callahan started the 2003 season with a 2-5 start and the team felt that he was purposely hurting the Raiders. Star CB Charles Woodson and legendary WR Tim Brown both complained about Callahan's loyalty to the team.

Callahan was fired that season and deservedly so, after Callahan said that Oakland Raiders were "the dumbest team in America in terms of playing the game."

Callahan may have had a winn...

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