Tim Brown: The Next Oakland Raider To Be Screwed By the NFL Hall of Fame?

Many in the Raider Nation often complain about the fact that the NFL has it out for the Oakland Raiders. Whether it's due to bad calls being made by referees, unfavorable schedules or lack of televised games, there is just the feeling that the Raiders are constantly getting screwed.

While those in the Nation know this to be fact, there is always debate over whether the Nation overreacts and plays the victim too often.

There is, however, one issue in which those outside of the Raider Nation would have a hard time arguing that the Raiders have not been screwed.

That issue is the NFL Hall of Fame.

 Cliff Branch, Jim Plunkett, Tom Flores, Ken Stabler, Jack Tatum, Lester Hayes, Ray Guy and Dave Dalby, all Raider greats who have been denied their rightful spot amongst the greatest players in the history of the NFL.

And now, this weekend offers the HOF the opportunity to screw yet another Raider great, Tim Brown.

Brown first came up for the HOF last year at this time. Both shockingly and not shockingly, Brown was denied the honor of being a first-ballot Hall of Famer last year.

Now, as Brown comes up for a vote for the second time, Raiders fans are beginning to worry that last year was not just a matter of circumstance (it was a fairly strong class and there are a limited number of spots each year).

On Tuesday, Monte Pool of the Oakland Tribune threw gas on the fire when he wrote an article arguing that Tim Brown was great, but is no lock for the HOF. And now that the induction is creeping closer, others are beginning to chime in as well.

On the "Inside the Oakland Raiders" page of the Contra Costa Times, NFL writer Jerry McDonald argued that Tim Brown should NOT be voted into the HOF until former Raider great Cliff Branch is inducted, apparently arguing that Branch was a better player than Brown.

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