Tim Brown: Outrageous Comparisons of Former Oakland Raiders Wide Receivers

When I visited the Professional Football Hall of Fame a couple of years ago, I noticed there was already a display of Tim Brown in one of the display areas. I figured that eventually Brown would be considered for enshrinement in the Hall of Fame.

This year Tim Brown is being considered for enshrinement. The Oakland Raiders should be proud of the fact that one of their brothers is being considered in 2011.

In order to get an idea of the type of players the Oakland Raiders have had, it makes sense to sometimes make comparisons of players in the same position although they may have played in different eras.

Here is a touchdown comparison of two wide receivers, for example, who got the attention of fans and are to be recognized for their contributions to the history of the Oakland Raiders.

 Warren Wells      Tim Brown 0 5 6 0 11 3 14 5 11 7 If you compare Tim Brown to the man who has been identified as the prototype wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders, the following observations can be made: 

During the third year of their respective careers, Wells had 11 touchdowns and Brown had three; during the fourth year, Wells had 14 touchdowns and Brown had five; during the fifth year, Wells had 11 touchdowns and Brown had seven.


More Observations:

1. It took 12 years for Tim Brown to get his career maximum of 11 touchdowns in one season.

2. Wells had a maximum of 14 touchdowns in one season in the third year of his career.

3. Wells had 11 touchdowns in both the second and fourth year of his career with the Oakland Raiders.

This comparison is done for the first five years of the career of Brown and Wells.


Other perspectives are available using the folllowing data:

Y/G       Partial Data   WW TB   2....

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