Tiki Barber Would Be a Terrible Idea for the Oakland Raiders

It seems as though every time a big-name free agent hits the market, the Oakland Raiders are inevitably thrown around as a potential suitor. This is even truer when the free agent in question has any drama surrounding him.

It is not surprising considering the fact that Raiders owner Al Davis is more than willing to open up his checkbook for free agents. However, that often appears to be the only thought process going into claims that the Raiders are interested in these free agents.

When Tiki Barber announced that he would be coming out of retirement after spending the past few years commentating from the booth, not shockingly, the Raiders were almost immediately named as a potential landing spot for the former Giant.

The problem is that it would make absolutely no sense for the Raiders to sign Barber. The Raiders are coming off a season where Darren McFadden had a breakout year and the Raiders were No. 2 in the league in rushing.

While backup Michael Bush has not yet been re-signed, there is little indication to show he is going to leave the Raiders. Davis has always been high on Bush, even invoking the back's name in praise as he demolished the name of Tom Cable.

Additionally, Bush has stated that he likes it in Oakland and would like to return. In fact, a friend of mine ran into Bush one day a few weeks back and made the comment that he would really like to see Bush in Silver and Black again next season. In response, Bush told my friend that he loves Oakland and wants to stay. He also pointed out that he has made a lot of good friends on the team and that he and McFadden are particularly close.

Thus, if Bush comes back, there is absolutely no reason to bring on a guy like Barber. While Barber was still great when he decided to retire, he has been out of football for a long time, will likely be asking for too much money and would at best be a third-down back with no upside.


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