There’s No Need to Worry About Richard Seymour

Raider Nation has been worried sick about the whereabouts of Richard Seymour.

For what?

Many have speculated that he doesn't want to be with the Raiders anymore. I've even heard a ridiculous suggestion to trade him for Albert Haynesworth.

The truth is no one in the world wants the franchise tag nor should they report mini camps and risk injury without a long-term contract. Tom Cable has told numerous reporters that the long-term contract was being negotiated.

Of course it is.

Al Davis gave up a first-round pick for a reason and Seymour knows this. Seymour also knows that at age 30, this will be his last big contract. So why hurry it?

There is no reason for it. You have to remember his first game with the Raiders against the Chargers. Seymour got off of the plane from Boston and gave Raider Nation two sacks.

He was the reason we had a chance to win that game.

Seymour finished the season with just four sacks last year, but Nnamdi Asomugha only had one pick last year. Their impact was still felt on the field in a big way.

Sack production generally goes down when you're the only proven threat on the defensive line. You see constant double- and triple-teams as you are the one they won't let beat them.

It's a lot like Asomugha never being thrown at.

Many wonder why he would want to play in Oakland now when he was hesitant to come from the start.

He sees the draft and free agent signing just like we do.

He probably knows what's going on beforehand. Help has arrived for Seymour and it should be the kind of help that allows him to be a dominant statistical player.

Despite being double- and triple-teamed, Seymour was still able to get numerous pressures and hits on opposing quarterbacks. They should turn into sacks next season as he sees less double- and triple-teams. Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders