The Truth About the Oakland Raiders 2010 Offseason

This NFL off-season has been an interesting one for the Oakland Raiders.

Since 2003, Raider Nation has been accustomed to big spending in free agency, in many cases on retread players, and questionable trades.

Then the "Al Davis is crazy" program would iterate and eventually, even the players, fans, and employees would start to believe it and lose confidence in the team; merely showing up in order to get paid and make any attempt possible to distance themselves from Al Davis.

Much of that iteration is fueled by the fact that Al Davis is indifferent towards opinions about him and his decisions, because well, people have called him crazy ever since he started giving big checks to and using high draft picks on minority players, when the paradigm was that you could merely wait until later rounds to take minority players.

Such as Hall of Fame tackle Art Shell or Hall of Fame guard Gene Upshaw, both of whom were selected much higher than expected.  Because well, it was an accepted paradigm that you could take minority players from small schools in later rounds.

Al Davis today is still hearing the same line about his sanity.  Only now, the Raiders haven't been winning, as the Raiders did for the better part of fourty years.

Ironically, I had to iterate the iteration in order to give some context to this article.


The Big Q in QB

Much of the narrative around the Raiders this off-season has been the question of whom will be the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders.

Recently, the media has been a-buzz with gossip that the Raiders would acquire quarterback Donovan McNabb and that McNabb would retire in the event of a trade to the Raiders.

That however has been refuted by McNabb himself in an article by Jerry McDonald:

Talking with host Ryen Rusillo on the Scott VanPelt Show (ESPN Radio), McNabb was asked what he would ha...

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