The Toughest Meanest and Nastiest Oakland Raiders Then and Now

The Oakland Raiders. The only NFL team that wears the "Black Sheep" mark on its back due to its history of being the dirtiest, nastiest and meanest team around. The Oakland Raiders represent the dark side of the NFL. The "Bad Boys" of NFL football.

They have always been considered the underdogs and for many fans, they are the rebels that grow stronger when the odds are against them. As Rapper Eminem says,"They feed me the fuel that I need for the fire to burn and it's burnin' and I have returned!" Yes, the Oakland Raiders have returned!

Even Raiders owner Al Davis has always had the reputation of being a fighter himself. Over the decades he has had to battle the NFL. He is known as the "Maverick" by other NFL owners and is, quite frankly, just a living legend.

Knowing Al Davis and his love for the game, it is very easy why he would sign not only the best athletes, but also the toughest and meanest. He would take players who were considered washed up and "fuel the desire." The Oakland Raiders during the '60s were a rags to riches team, they had struggled before the arrival of Al Davis and soon after they would become winners.

To make the team winners Al had to pick the fastest and biggest players around. He also expected the Raiders to be respected so he picked the meanest players around as well. After all, the Oakland Raiders originate from a playing field named after the local undertaker. It was a sign of the "darkside." Welcome to the Black Hole, baby!


Jack Tatum

Let's begin with the forever remembered Jack "The Assassin" Tatum. Jack Tatum earned his title by making wide receivers pay (in pain) for every attempted catch in the secondary. Tatum was feared and respected by every wide receiver he played against, whether they respected him or not they always knew where he was at on the field and if they didn't...well, they paid for it. Tatum was basically the hardest hitting fre...

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