The Tom Cable Theory: Jason Campbell Will Be the Test

The 2009 season will be remembered as one of the worse in Raiders history, a 5-11 record yet again. 

But in this time of crisis, Tom Cable made his opening statement in the court of Al Davis.  When Cable was asked by a reporter, "Would the Raiders be in the playoffs with average QB play?", Cable replied "Absolutely." 

So Al Davis went out and got Jason Campbell, who will be the determining factor in the debate for Tom Cable to return after the 2010 season.

Jason Campbell and Tom Cable resemble Rich Gannon and Jon Gruden. When Gannon signed with the Raiders, Jon Gruden called him and said, "Either I'm going to go down with you or we're going to fly high together." 

Cable and Campbell are in the same situation. 

If Campbell leads the Raiders back to the playoffs, or even 8-8, he will save Tom Cable's job, but if the Raiders 11-game losing streak continues, Cable will be gone and I'm not sure about Campbell.

Now there are no more excuses for Tom Cable. 

He has an offensive coordinator, he has his "average play at QB" and he is entering his second full season as head coach. His time is running out and his own theory will be determining his fate.

By the way, Happy Birthday to Al Davis, who turns 81 today, July 4. 

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