The Tom Cable System:The Future Success of The 2010 Oakland Raiders

It has been an amazing time for the Oakland Raiders this past season and in recent times.

The Oakland Raiders have been restructuring it organization and there have been successes on the field. There havent been many, but since the implementation of coach Tom Cable, the Oakland Raiders have started to look much improved.

Tom Cable was brought in when Lane Kiffin was released. Many fans felt that he was not the coach for the team and would hold the position until seasons end. But then something happened. The Oakland Raiders began to win games that analyst said they would lose.

Quite frankly, had Tom Cable been able to coach this team with one of the teams current QBs, he might have a won a lot more. That's speculation, however, I feel that it (J. Russell) was a huge obstacle in Tom Cables goals for the Silver and Black.

But have the Raiders jumped into the Tom Cable system?

Usually, owner Al Davis, is said to be the control freak behind its coaches and ultimately the decision maker. Yet lately, it seems as if the Oakland Raiders are picking its players as expected.

The Oakland Raiders received high marks for its draft picks. The Raider fans were also pleased when Gradkowski was brought onto the gridiron.

For those who noticed, when Gradkowski was brought onto the gridiron, both players and the fans became whole. This was Oakland Raider football reminiscent of Rich Gannon.

Tom Cable should be credited. Al Davis wanted JaMarcus Russell to develop, he was hurting the team and eventually, Tom Cable benched him.

This was huge news because Al Davis retracted his decision on J. Russell and Tom Cable was allowed to coach with a professional QB.

The 2010 season for the Oakland Raiders should silence the naysayers and the media. The Oakland Raiders have taken a beating from the press. As a fan of the Raiders, we are accustomed to it.

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