The State Of The Raiders Part 5 (Economics And Marketing)

Released by Forbes before 2009, the Oakland Raiders came in as the least valuable franchise in the NFL. It is now worth only —relatively —797 million dollars. The Raiders lost around 5 million dollars from 2008. 

Due to losses, the Raiders had to resort to advertising their brand name on a Thai airline last summer.

Ironically, the Raiders have the highest payroll of any NFL team —over 140 million. That's not a shocker since Al will pay anything to keep his best talent. That is proven by his latest contracts given to Seabass, Shane Lechler, and Nnamdi Asomugha. 

Here are the Raiders Salaries for 2009.

At Oakland-Alameda (no sponsor) coliseum, there were approximately seven black outs this season. Seven. How embarrassing, especially for a fan base as large as the Raiders. There are two main reasons why people didn't come out to see games:

1) Economy

2) Product on the field

The fact is that the economy really hurt everyone. Especially the Raiders. Oakland's Alameda-County Coliseum lies in the heart of the city, and right beside the Oracle. 

It isn't a family friendly atmosphere to be in. I found that when I went to the game verse the Eagles. I only saw one family in my section. It tells me that the Raiders don't focus enough on marketing to families with two children or more. 

The parking there is absolutely horrible. You have to walk at least a mile and a quarter just to get in the main parking lot. There wasn't great organization with police. My Dad I were wandering in Downtown Oakland for a good half hour trying to find our car —long story.

Obviously the product on the field has a lot to do with the number of people in the stands. Are you really going to sell tickets with JaMarcus Russell as your QB? What about relatively unknown Bruce Gradkowski? I act...

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