The State of the Raiders Part 4 (Drafting)

Overall Scouting Grade: C

The Raiders draft was up and down this season. All you have to do to impress Raiders owner Al Davis, is run a fast 40 time. That's the main requirement. For example, let's go to Darrius Heyward-Bey (DHB). 

DHB ran a 40 in 4.30 seconds. However, he didn't have one 50-catch season. Guys like Michael Crabtree and Jeremy Maclin were still on the board. But Al Davis just had to have the fastest one. In fact, every skill position player (except for JaMarcus) drafted in the first round, had a 40 time of 4.5 or better.

If you don't have speed, you better have something special about you for Davis to draft you in the first round. Something like a cannon for a leg, or maybe a rocket like an arm. Sound like anyone familiar? 

Al Davis acts like a kid while drafting. He wants a new toy to play with.

A kid wants the faster car, in this case the fastest guy. The kid wants Superman as their action figure, not Batman (no offense). You see where I'm going here...

Well, a year later, I have graded all the picks:


WR Darrius Heyward-Bey . Grade: D

Why: He couldn't catch a pass and couldn't run routes (aka get open). It makes it a little difficult to play the position, eh? 

One area can improve: Fundamentals. Specifically, catching the BALL. I don't care if you have to have someone throw you a ball 1,000 times every day. Catch it. Hell, sleep with it. Picture yourself catching it. Do anything, man!


S Mike Mitchell . Grade: C

Why: He couldn't really see the field. He injured his hamstring in training camp and never got developed. He excelled on special teams though.

One area he can improve: Agility. He needs to be able to move laterally better.


DE Matt Shaugnessy . Grade: B+

Why: Because he made the most out of limited playing ...

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