The Spirit Of the Oakland Raiders Inspires the WW House Scholarship

You don't often hear about football players who are good at mathematics and outstanding on the football field. You don't even hear enough about their compassion for others. 

I have known several of them since I tutored some of the college players during the Sixties.

In fact, I met a retired Oakland Raider in college when he was sent to the math lab for tutoring. The young man who became an Oakland Raider would tell me, in so many words, that he may not talk mathematics but that he was thinking it.

I guess he meant he was thinking mathematically on the football field in order to decide what to do, when to do it, how fast to do it, and anything that had to do with the dynamics of his "cuts and jukes." 


Good thinking on the football field is math and science related

All of it somehow was mathematics and physics or even aerodynamics (in action) since he seemed to have a high probability of being in the right place, at the right time, to catch the ball during his career.

Since I have traced the lives of several of those talented men who were deep thinkers and competitive football players, I have initiated a project in honor of them.


Wellness and Wholeness after a life in the NFL  

The project is called The WW House, where WW has two meanings. One meaning is "Wellness and Wholeness."

The second meaning will be announced at the Open House ceremony planned for Feb. 6, 2012 when my grandson becomes six-years old.

My grandson is already a gifted young football and soccer player. The only problem we have is his favorite team is the Cleveland Browns and mine is the Oakland Raiders.

But we will survive this little family feud between a grandma and a grandson.

Most of the talented former college and professional footb...

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