The Sad Reality Of The Oakland Raiders QB Competition

There is a lot of buzz going around Raider Nation this offseason. It almost reminds me of the movie Twilight's buzz between Team Jacob and Team Edward, but in Raiders land its Team Bruce vs Team JaMarcus.

Cable has made it clear that it will be an open competition and he'll let the best man win. Exciting isn't it?

Well, not exactly if you look at the reality of the situation. Having two quarterbacks compete can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the quality of the two players.

The Raiders don't exactly have a Brett Favre vs Aaron Rodgers, or a Donovan McNabb vs Michael Vick. To be honest, I don't think they even have a Brady Quinn vs Kyle Orton at this point.

Neither JaMarcus Russell or Bruce Gradkowski have been proven starters in the league up to this point.

Gradkowski won the starting role in Tampa his rookie season, but was benched after a 3-8 start. He's only started 15 games in his career and has a 5-10 record as a starter.

He currently has a 53.3 career completion percentage and a 65.9 QB rating. He has a 15 TD to 16 INT ratio.

We didn't see enough of Gradkowski last year to really know what he brings to the table. Before last year, had a nine TD to 13 INT ratio, and only a 3-9 record as a starting QB.

Russell was drafted first overall in 2007, and has yet to live up to expectations. He sat out his rookie year and started his second season.

During his second season Russell had a 13 TD to eight INT ratio. He currently has a 7-19 record as a starter, which gives him the most wins for a Raider QB since they lost the Super Bowl to the Bucs in 2002.

He has a 52.1 completion percentage and a 65.2 QB rating for his career.

It hasn't been easy winning games for Raider QB's since 2002. Proven starters like Dante Culpepper, Kerry Collins, and Aaron Brooks have ...

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