The Rebuttal: The Top Player In The History of Every Team In The NFL

I recently read an article that dubs the top player in the history of every team in the NFL. Overall, I thought that article had strong points, but it compelled me to write my list, rather than just comment on one. I don't look purely at total numbers, because total numbers can be misleading. Moreover, some statistics did not exist at certain times, or are affected by the total numbers of games per season, and so, looking purely at stats can be misleading. For instance, the sack was not a stat until 1982, and so, a player like defensive end Deacon Jones often goes overlooked by fans. I also consider the big picture of the respective team, such as his role and significant achievements, and whether he fits a narrative, such as an offensive lineman that blocked for multiple skill position players such as Bruce Matthews. I also consider whether the player is historically relevant to the history of the NFL as a whole. I should add a disclaimer that a few of my picks could rattle people, but it is my honest to goodness view. I will add that one such pick requires an explanation about the player I did not pick, a player whom I have often called over-rated. Some may call it bias, and maybe it is. But I always contend that everyone is biased, and to say otherwise would make you a liar. Thus, the bias is unimportant, and the true importance is how well you evaluate the totality of facts and defend the argument.Begin Slideshow


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