The Raiders Dartboard: Russell, Wilson, or Marinovich—Who Is the Worst?

A while ago I penned an article, questioning who was better, Fred Biletnikoff or Cliff Branch. Pretty simple, was that both players were exceptional, some felt there was no separating the players of greatness. Only the Hall of Fame tried to make a separation, given Biletnikoff had the yardage, the catches, and an MVP award to enshrine him over Branch.

Now, for those of you with weak stomachs, or an urge to smash the monitor, I have to ask...who are the absolute worst top three quarterbacks?

Right now, there is one, JaMarcus Russell, that has worn out his welcome faster than Marcus Allen could run. In three seasons, we saw his best, his worst, and everything inbetween. Sadly, a comeback attempt against the Broncos, a rally against the Bucs in 2008 the games against the Broncos in week 12 and the Texans in week 16, don't make up for a blowout in week 14, the torture at the hands of Atlanta, or his 11 interception season last year.

When fans are burning your jersey in the parking lot, JaMarcus...they don't like you, pure and simple.

The next player to come up for consideration had the hard task of playing against Jim Plunkett, the ageless sage, and being born with the inability to have muscles. Marc Wilson, who could have been a scarecrow with his frame, was well-known for dropping back to pass and then falling down. Sometimes, falling down would cough up the ball, but to his credit he does have a winning record with the Raiders, at 31-19. However, he does have 86 interceptions against 77 touchdowns.

The lion's share of his wins would come in the 1985 season, where he went 11-2, however many Raider fans are also quick to notice this was during the days of Marcus Allen and the last remains of our defensive players got hurt and Allen saw himself in Al's doghouse, the entire team started to feel it. By the 1987 season, Wilson went 2-5, playing most of the time hurt. There was times that no o...

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