The Quarterback Position: Creating a False Impetus

Many NFL fans are brainwashed into believing that the Quarterback position is the most important ingredient to a championship team, despite players like Ty Law, Darren Sharper, Ray Lewis, Dwight Freeney, Darrelle Revis and so on.

Over the years we have seen terrible Quarterbacks such as Jake Delhomme and Trent Dilfer play in the Superbowl behind great defenses and solid running games. Yet the Quarterback seems to get all the praise for a teams success, and in some cases blame for a lack thereof.

It is more profitable for the NFL to promote one player as the "Face" of the franchise in order to manipulate the minds of the simpleton fan into believing that one player can make the difference to a championship team.

Lets face it Nation: there are only about three "elite" QBs in the league, and you ain't gettin' any of them. Ever.

People like to throw out names like Donovan McNabb and Aaron Rodgers, but realistically, what have they ever won?

These so called "elite" QBs generally tend to have "elite" receivers who can go up and make plays in order to pad their stats. The Quarterback position is like the President; its all about politics.

The NFL has a long history of being biased against certain NFL QBs. They pick and choose their favorites not by how they perform, but generally how they look.

I understand that this is a business and therefore marketing is number one. But I refuse to be the dope who keeps drinking the NFL brand Kool-Aid year after year. Give me Ray Lewis over Peyton Manning anyday. Give me Calvin Johnson and JaMarcus Russell over Drew Brees and James Jett all day.

My point is that you can be competitive with a supposed mediocre QB, a solid D and great linemen, but I have never seen an "elite" QB carry a terrible team to a Super Bowl. Ever .

No QB is that good.

If Tom Cable had understood this fact in 2009, he would have installed a more...

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