The Party’s Over: Weis Leaves Chiefs, Benefits Raiders In AFC West Race

Word is beginning to leak that Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis has accepted a job for the same position at Florida. I think there is a reason I have seen no article about it on the Chiefs page so far.

Most have credited Charlie Weis with Kansas City's offensive resurgence, along with the development of quarterback Matt Cassel.

The Chiefs, by the way, are first in rushing and ninth in total offense, compared to 11th in rushing and 25th overall in 2009.

Weis will depart immediately after the playoffs. I mean, who wouldn't want to leave arctic Missouri for Florida? Yeah, that's also why Lebron took his talents to South Beach. You think he wanted to stay in Cleveland, where the weather was terrible and the taxes were crazy?

No, he went to Florida, where the houses are cheap and the weather is nice.

But this isn't about Lebron James. See, Josh McDaniels is expected to take the newly vacant spot in Kansas City. Yes, the same Josh McDaniels who traded away his best offensive assets while with the rival Denver Broncos. Oh, and Todd Haley, head coach of the Chiefs, got a boo-boo in his ego because he felt McDaniels ran up the score on his Chiefs.

Did I mention McDaniels also got caught cheating? Yeah, that's right, but I won't get into the details.

So, this explains the silence of Chiefs fans.

Well Oakland, this is gonna put us on top, baby.

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