The Oakland Raiders Should Make a Move for Braylon Edwards

It's highly unlikely that New York Jets will cut former pro-bowl wide out, Braylon Edwards, that seemed to be an erroneous rumor. Regardless, it has been noted that he is in the dog house with, not just management, but with his teammates as well. He will, at least, have to serve a four game suspension for violating the NFL's conduct policy, as well.

Seems like the perfect time for the two parties to split ways and, if anybody is willing to trade at least a little bit for Edwards, it should and probably is Oakland. I could see the Rams giving the Jets a call, they need wide outs just as bad as Oakland, seeing that Raiders rookie linebacker, Rolando McClain, crushed one of them last (If you haven't seen or want to see that again, check it comments section.)

The Raiders young wide receivers are beginning to come into their own, with good outings by both sophomore wide outs, Louis Murphy (who I think will be really great in his day,) with his 91 yards and a touchdown, and Darrius Heyward-Bey, with six grabs.

Chaz Schilens is apparently really good and apparently he is the Raiders number one receiver but I've never seen his talent due to injury. He has a bum knee now but, the past few seasons, it's been a bum something when the Raiders need him. He can't be depended on.

Murphy is playing very well but he is not a number one receiver, at least not yet. Right now, Zack Miller is kind of the Raiders number one and he's the tight end. This has to change and it can. Al Davis just has to call Mike Tannenbaum and offer a fifth round pick or something.

I mean, why not?

I know he's had some off the field issues and is on probation in Cleveland still, so this legally may not even happen.

It's also been noted that Edwards is not a good teammate but who can really attest to that? When he was pulled over, he had teammates D'brickashaw Ferguson and Vernon Gholston also in his car. He parties with his t...

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