The Oakland Raiders: NFL’s New AFC West Winners

The Oakland Raiders have been considered by many to be the worst team in the NFL.

For the seventh consecutive year, the Raiders have won no more than five games.

Despite the fact that they have picked in the top-10 the past three years, including the No. 1 overall pick in 2007, they have barely seen any improvement.

So, why am I already predicting that the Raiders will win the AFC West?

Its really simple: this is not the same Oakland team that we have grown used to.

Lets first look at the quarterback play of the Oakland Raiders.

In 2009, JaMarcus Russell—or J-Bust as he has become known in Raider Nation—played in 12 games, starting nine of them. In those 12 games, Russell threw three touchdown passes and 11 interceptions.

I will not put all of the blame on the QB, mainly because of the fact that he did have some valid excuses: lack of a run game; constant pressure; his receivers falling down.

But that does not excuse Russell from everything.

Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye both had better ratings then Russell, and Gradkowski led the team to two fourth quarter comebacks against a playoff team (Bengals), and another team (Steelers) that was trying to make the playoffs. 

Those are just the quarterbacks that were on the Raiders roster last season. The biggest, and possibly the best, move that the Raiders made this offseason was the trade of a 2012 4th round pick for Jason Campbell.

Washington Redskins fans may have been “happy” to get rid of Campbell, but lets look at his stats since entering the league.

Campbell did not become a starter until his second season, where he started seven games. Campbell posted a 76.5 QB rating, threw for 1,297 yards, had 10 touchdowns and tossed six interceptions.

Every year since, Campbell has improved in every single category: improving the amou...

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