The Oakland Raiders’ Locker Room: What Happens There, Stays There?

"To Tell the Truth" was an old television show that grabbed the interest of the American public for many years. Sometimes, don't you wonder what goes on in the locker room of the Oakland Raiders?

One book that I refer to, from time to time, has a chapter on "The Locker Room." Anthony Prior is the author of a somewhat controversial book, and he was in the locker room with the Oakland Raiders for a short time. The author claims that there are four patterns.

First, he claims that there is a "pattern of behavior shown by athletes who try to find God in a desperate attempt to make the team, they carry the Bible around like it's their playbook and they have a self-righteous attitude."

Second, he claims that there is a pattern for the players who have college degrees. He quotes them by saying: "I got my degree to fall back on if I don't make the team."

Third, according to the author, Anthony Prior, there is "the behavior, during training camp, of those who have a multi-million dollar contract."

Prior adds, "They feel above the law. They walk around like kings with no crowns, and players respect them only because of their money, houses, and cars."

Fourth and finally, according to Prior, there is the "behavior in the locker room of the most powerful athlete, who brings one thing to the table. His faith is so within himself that you can see it when he walks into the locker room. He has a certain presence, his stature is always upright and, if you didn't know him personally, you'd think he was serious all the time."

Well, here we go again, raising questions. Who fits the four patterns on our current roster? Who fitted the patterns in 2009?

Then, in a most interesting follow-up discussion, Prior reports that

1. Once training camp is over and the Bible-toting guy makes the team, the Bible gets stashed away. Prior says that all this type of guy does is makes deals with...

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