The Oakland Raiders Fell Down, but They Are Getting Up Again!


Sometimes it is good to look back and assess your state of mind. This article is revisited because after all of the changes instigated by Al Davis and the coaches of the Oakland Raiders, more than ever some of us believe that up, up and away is the direction the Oakland Raiders will take in 2010.

This article is revisited to demonstrate a dedication to the belief that the Oakland Raiders are getting up again! We are steady in our belief!

The Article

No matter how low the Oakland Raiders may have fallen, we reiterate that the Raiders fall down but they will get up, again.

Listen to "We fall down, but we get up"

There are so many articles discussing the rise and fall of the Oakland Raiders. Let's flip the discussion, and talk about the inverse, the fall and rise of the Oakland Raiders.

I am an optimist primarily because I have studied history. The example of a nation in ancient history that fell down, but kept getting up again, or kept being delivered again, and again is what inspires me. What nation might that be? You tell me.

How many NFL teams have a set of fans that call themselves a nation? Again, you tell me.

The Raider Nation and the Oakland Raiders have a befitting name including the powerful word, nation.

The use of the name Raider Nation puts the fans in a powerful context.

For example, "A philippic is a fiery, damning speech, or tirade , delivered to condemn a particular political actor."

An example of the use of the word nation in early history is found in this quote from Cicero's philippic against Mark Anthony in 44 B.C.:

"Omnes nationes servitutem ferre possunt: nostra civitas non potest."
("All races are able to bear enslavement, but our community cannot.")

In a paraphrase, it would read:

All NFL franchises are able to bear "parity," but the Oakland...

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