The Oakland Raiders Did it: Let’s Do It Again and Again

You can say what you want about how the preseason games don't matter. The victory against the Dallas Cowboys, however, probably made a lot of naysayers scratch their heads and wonder what happened.

Can you imagine the kind of cuss words that may have been heard in that Texas stadium last night, when Oakland overcame Dallas?

I was particularly overjoyed, since I read and responded to an article that said the Oakland Raiders need not be feared. Well, whoever believes that needs to do more thinking.

Congratulations to the Oakland Raiders for making a lot of people who have faith in them very happy.

The first preseason game of the season does matter. The victory gave a boost to the Raider Nation.

Now, do a little celebrating, but get back to work. That's what I am doing, more research!

There are several more surprises that need to happen to shut down some of that negativity that's floating out there in the airwaves.

You did it, Oakland Raiders. Let's do it again, and again, and again...

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