The Oakland Raiders Continue To Be “Faiders”

The Oakland Raiders head into the tumult that is their offseason. Eight straight desultory campaigns have relegated fans to a level of great apathy and the hope that perhaps owner Al Davis will choose a much anticipated retirement. Davis was a maverick in the heydays of the AFL and the 1960s, but that is a period now distant, 40 plus years in the past.

Davis has mismanaged this team recently, and few players desire the opportunity to sign up for service in Oakland.

The '"D" side is fairly stout and works with zest. The offensive side is competent but does not utilize a nice stable of running backs properly. The wides are quite mediocre.

The quarterback position is in absolute shambles.

Mr. Davis has been loyal to those that return that allegiance, thus Sebastian Janikowski's contract signing runs four years and earns him $16 million dollars, $9 million of that guaranteed.

Fans must know that their franchise is in trouble when the two stellar performers on-site are place-kicker Janikowski and punter Shane Lechler.

Al, please release your grip on this squad and allow someone not delirious to assume control.






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