The Oakland Raiders’ Change That We Can Believe In

Change is a sensitive topic in America today.

What does it really mean? 

For the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis, things change, but not for the good. We change head coaches almost every season. We change our players. We change almost everything. 

One thing we don't change is our record.

Every season, since 2003, the Raiders have lost at least 11 games. Al Davis doesn't have a policy to change that. It has been proven time after time. He just doesn't get how to make a winning team anymore.

He doesn't get that you can't change coaches every season. Most players are interchangeable, but coaches aren't.

I guarantee you that the 2008 Patriots wouldn't have won 11 games with another coach. Honestly, how many coaches could have won 11 games with a backup QB who hasn't started since high school? Not many. Al Davis needs to change his philosophy on coaches.

Al Davis needs to change the way he scouts draft prospects. For Al to draft you, you need to be fast. That's the main requirement. Or you have to have a special characteristic about you. Like a gun for an arm (JaMarcus). Or maybe a cannon for a leg (Seabass). 

I used to get really angry when draft websites would say something like, "This Defensive End runs a 4.7 40, sign him up for the Raiders". I used to think they were wrong. Al Davis was going to show them.

But he doesn't. That's the thing. He doesn't change. And it has been very costly for the Raiders.

How has Darrius Heyward-Bey (4.3) been working out? McFadden (4.4)? JaMarcus (60 yards on his knees)? 

Too many times he ignores weakness.

Davis ignored DHB's suspect hands, DMC's breaking tackle ability, and JaMarcus'...well there's so many to pick from. (By the way, the jury is still out on DHB and DMC. For JaMarcus, I'm not so sure.)

If he would change these things, we would have a better record....

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