The Oakland Raider’s Backfield: “Jam Master Jay and Run DMC”

The NFL is now looking for a new backfield band to go up the charts. The Oakland Raiders now have "Jam Master Jay and Run-DMC."

Backfield bands across the NFL landscape have have been formed. The last band to make a number one hit was the New York Giant's "Earth, Wind, and Fire" in 2007.

The Tennessee Titans as recently had "Smash and Dash." But "Dash" has since gone solo with a 2,000 yard season while "Dash" is looking for a new band to join.

What makes a backfield name?

In the case of the New York Giants, they had three running backs that had different abilities and styles.

Brandon Jacobs was "Earth," as he was like a bolder rolling down a mountain when he carried the ball. With the speed to run like the wind, Ahmad Bradshaw was the "Wind" of the backfield. That leaves the versatile Derrick Ward as "Fire."

"Smash and Dash" is not too hard to figure out. Lendale White is the 250 pound "Smash" and Johnson is the 4.2 forty yard "Dash." However, the Titans decided that Dash can get enough record sells on his own.

Now we come back to the Oakland Raider's "Jam Master Jay and Run-DMC." This group includes the quarterback.

Jason Campbell is obviously "Jam Master Jay." The letter J is there and the quarterback is the master of the offense.

Both "Run" and "DMC" needed "Jam Master Jay" behind the turntables so they would have a beat to rap over. Oakland's running backs need Campbell to give them the ball so they can run with it.

"Run" is definitely Michael Bush. There is no letter or name affiliation but he is a running back. His job is simply to run.

Darren McFadden's job is to run as well. However he does have name and letter affiliations. Some call him "D-Mac" while others already call him "DMC." 

All three o...

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