The Oakland Raiders Are Better Than the San Diego Chargers

The Raiders are coming off a huge win over the division rival Chargers who seemed unbeatable and were coming off a dominant performance against the Colts.  The victory over San Diego completed the sweep that nobody saw coming. 

Heading into the year the Chargers had beaten the Raiders 13 consecutive times.  There were plenty of close games including two last season in which the Raiders had a fourth-quarter lead but always ended up losing one way or another. 

This year's Raiders aren't the same old Raiders of the last seven seasons.  These Raiders fight.  These Raiders don't quit.  These Raiders know that they can play with and beat any team in the NFL if they do their job and don't beat themselves.  These Raiders have an identity. 

The San Diego Chargers had the NFL's No. 1-ranked offense and defense heading into Sunday's game.  The Raiders dominated the Chargers in all three phases of the game.  The Chargers can't blame this loss on special teams like they did in the first game.  The Raiders scored four touchdowns and didn't allow Phillip Rivers to get anything going.  The Raiders sacked Rivers four times and hit him another 16 times disrupting their potent passing attack.

The Chargers had won four consecutive games and the media was already crowning them the AFC West Champions.  Everybody was saying that the Chargers "don't lose in December."  Chargers fans were thinking they were on the verge of another late-season push and division title.  Well, it can still happen but the Raiders just made it a whole lot harder to accomplish.

Face it Chargers fans: The Oakland Raiders are once again a force in the AFC West.  The silver & black is back and here to stay for a while.  You guys had your run and a few shots at a Super Bowl but choked.

Now, the Oakland Raiders are better than the San Diego...

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