The New Oakland Raiders Must Not Forget About Those Whose Backs They Walk On


Are you looking for a good cause to get involved in during the offseason? Consider searching for senior Oakland Raiders and answer the question, "Whatever happened to him?"

Sometimes, there is a disconnect between generations of NFL players. Let's attempt to re-connect and to assist the senior Oakland Raiders, if, indeed, they need help in some way during their senior years.

Research shows that many senior NFL players do not have sufficient resources to help them live comfortably and securely during those senior years.

What can the younger Oakland Raiders do to help the senior Oakland Raiders, if there is a need?

Let's at least think about it.



Let's do a reality check.  Let's hear a wake up call.  Let's look at some historical parallels regarding the condition and neglect of some NFL retirees.

There was a time I blamed only white Americans for the ills of slavery.  Then, after visiting West Africa and doing research, I learned that Africans sold other Africans into slavery for money, trinkets, and stuff.

Again, there was a time I blamed the travelers from Europe for the oppression of the American Indians. Then, I learned that some natives gave up their territory for liquor and other items. Clearly, the case of "wanting what someone else owned" was a phenomenon of both the givers and the takers.

I see some parallels.  Here are a few examples.

Suppose you are born into a family of hard-working immigrants.  They survive the depression, and they kept you clean and well-fed as a young child.  The parents become old and sickly.  You are too busy living the "high life."  You suggest those senior parents live in an assisted living facility rather than occupy one of the six bedrooms in your plush home.  

Who you are is based on the founda...

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