The Litmus Test in Oakland: Can the QB Stand Up and Take Control?

When you scroll through the names of the quarterbacks the Raiders have had in their history, you have some pretty great ones to choose from out there.

Names like Lamonica, Stabler, Plunkett, Gannon and even Tom Flores come to mind. Blanda, in a pinch was a great relief pitcher, to borrow a phrase from the Major League Baseball department.

Some, not so.

Cotton Davidson came to us after some decent games in the AFL, but was horrid by the end of his career. Marc Wilson makes most fans cringe at the thought of him taking a snap.

And no one wants to imagine how Todd Marinovich or JaMarcus Russell would have turned out, should they have been allowed to continue their perspective careers.

While Todd's destruction was self-induced, Russell's own actions closed the door in Oakland for him, ranging from sleeping during team meetings, weight issues and forgetting which play is on the docket...stuff of nightmares.

For Oakland, the term addition by subtraction is useful in this case, as any replacement for Russell seems to be an in point, Jason Campbell.

Jason, recently picked up in a draft-day trade, joins us after the Redskins picked up Donovan McNabb, who the Raiders were also interested in picking up. When the news broke, one can only imagine what Russell was thinking....


However, Campbell is only one aspect that has the Raider Nation thinking the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train. Last year after Russell was benched, Bruce Gradkowski hammered out two wins in short order, while Charlie Frye picked up a third win as well.

Three wins in five weeks, from two backups didn't bode well for Russell.

Now, the Raiders have a total of four quarterbacks, as shortly before the draft the team picked up Kyle Boller primarily as a backup until Bruce Gradkowski is healthy enough.

From the money and the experi...

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