The Hands Of an Oakland Raider Wide Receiver: What Do You See?

This is a test.

Once upon a time there was a wide receiver who was known for being in the end zone. Most sports writers said he had good hands. He played for the Oakland Raiders.

This is a picture of his hands. What do you see?

He was a top wide receiver many years ago. His career average was outstanding. Most folks say he was fast.

This man was focused and tough. Some say he was feared. He was a so-called "deep threat."

A few weeks ago this man was asked, "What did you like about professional football?"

He answered that he loved the game. His eyes light up when you talk about the Oakland Raiders.

During college, this man was always on the football field, working out and catching the football. In college, he was coached by Alex Durley.

During his career with the Oakland Raiders, he watched film diligently, he learned his routes, his plays, and he had excellent instincts.

Most of all, he was single-minded, and he "loooovvvvveeeeedddd" the game with a passion.

In a library in Southeast Texas, this man and others are noted in a book published by a mayor's office with a proclamation declaring the region from which he came as the "Pro Football Capital of the World."

Who is this man?

What can the young Oakland Raiders learn from this man?

What region of the United States was declared the "Pro Football Capital of the World"?

Who coached this man when he played with the Oakland Raiders?

Condition for the "Key"

Now the answer to this test will be published on this man's next birthday.

During the 2010 season, check in to the Bleacher Report to get the answers to this test.

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Another condition is t...

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