The Final Chapter of JaMarcus Russell?: Dead Man Walking

It can't be a good feeling, knowing your career with a team is almost over.

Then again, if being blissfully ignorant is a skill, this may be the greatest master of all time.

As rumors swirl around the Internet about the impending demise of JaMarcus Russell, many contemplate his place in history.

Top draft pick? Check.

Cannon of an arm? Check.

Childish behavior? Check.

Acts like an overweight, lazy millionaire? Nailed.

Russell's biography can not be looked at in a good light; consider that for three years excuses were made to try and prop up a player who has only won seven games in three years. Blame was put on the coaches, the players, the organization, and even food.

But when it all comes down to it, Russell can't blame his way out of who is really at fault, himself, the overpaid bust of the NFL.

Some talk about how he could still have merit; the arm is still there, the size is still there—some wonder if he adds a few pounds, could he be used as a fullback? Or a Tackle?

Would you trust him to protect a quarterback, when he had a problem hanging onto the ball for three years?

If any team picks him up, I wish them well—right now, Russell's future rests with his number one fan, Al Davis. Al has to play judge and jury for a player who was supposed to change this club.

He did, actually, for the worse.

Now, the Nation waits in silence for Al to finally turn the page for the club, release the mistake, and start the team on the way to recovery.

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