The Break Up: JaMarcus Russell and the Oakland Raiders Part Ways

The Oakland Raiders have decided to part ways with JaMarcus Russell. This is a move that makes a lot of sense for both sides.

The Raiders traded for Jason Campbell on draft weekend, and that made Russell's future with the Raiders a bit cloudy. Campbell is the favorite to start, and the Raiders were not excited about paying nine million dollars to a backup QB.

Russell joined the Raiders in 2007 as the No. 1 draft pick. Al Davis fell in love with his arm strength.  Many argue that Russell was not a true No. 1 pick, but it was a position of need for the Raiders and Davis made the pick.

The Raiders needed more than a 21-year-old raw talent like Russell to get them out of their losing slump.


Lack of Surrounding Talent

Whether you liked Russell or not, there is no denying that he didn't have the best talent around him to succeed. His work ethic was in question the whole time he was in Oakland, and former teammates came out and said he fell asleep in meetings.

Players like Chad Ochocinco have come out and said Russell is a good player but doesn't have the talent around him.

Current Raider OT Mario Henderson has said Russell is a good player but the media makes him look bad.

Former Raiders, Warren Sapp and Rod Woodson, both felt Russell can succeed and has all the tools but needs to be with a team that knows how to develop a quarterback.


Fresh Start

This break up is best for both sides. Russell was taking the blame for the Raiders losing woes even though he only started two of the seven seasons in which the Raiders lost 11 games.

The media loved to go after Russell because they knew he was Al Davis's guy. The story isn't over for Russell or the Raiders, but this does enable each side to get a fresh start.

With Russell out of the picture in Oakland, the media will have to find some...

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