The Biggest NFL Surprise In 2010 Will Be The Talent Explosion In Oakland

   Its been a tough, tough road for the Oakland Raiders. For over three decades the Oakland Raiders represented tough, fierce football. During that span they grew a fanbase that stands above all in the NFL. The Oakland Raiders represented greatness in days past but in recent times has been abyssmal.

   The  dark years came for the Oakland Raiders in the early 2000 years. After a decent 90's season the Raiders led by coach Jon Gruden and QB Rich Gannon made the playoffs consecutively. These were great times for the Oakland Raiders and its fans. The Oakland Raiders then released coach Gruden and after a spectacular season the Raiders were forced to face it former coach and lost to the Tampa Buccaneers in SB XXXVII. It was not a pretty game at all.

   Since that time the Raiders have gone through horrendous times. They have added new coaches with repeated disappointment. In frank its been a very disappointing nine seasons for the Oakland Raiders and yet the fans still believed that they could be revived.

   That time has finally come. The losing spell should be lifted this season. The Oakland Raiders have a team that will surprise many in the upcoming months. How so? Lets begin with the management.

   Coach Tom Cable ( under Al Davis of course) has done his best to build a winning team and in fact has some pretty good wins under his belt now. There have been many games that the Raiders were considered the underdog. In fact all of them. But Tom Cable seems to bounce back and the Raiders managed to win. 

   This season however gives Tom Cable and the Oakland Raider organization a plausible shot at the playoffs.  One huge reason is that Tom Cable has remained the coach and the players have played hard for him as we have seen in last seasons games.

   Of course we all know about the JaMarcus Russell disaster. This is s...

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