The Battle For The AFC West: How The Oakland Raiders Are Still Alive

For the first time in a long time, the Raider Nation suffered a case of the “NFL Sunday Blues” that actually meant something.

Come December, the Raiders are normally scrounging the league for measly, last minute wins, but this Sunday the Raiders took a loss that might actually cost them a trip to the playoffs.

While the Raiders weren’t able to pull out the win against the surging Jaguars, they played some top-notch football.

Jason Campbell packed in 324 passing yards and two touchdowns, looking very relaxed and fluid within the pocket. Darren “the Man” McFadden continued to play at the top of his explosive game, rushing for 123 yards and hitting the end zone three times. 

The Raiders Defense held the Jaguars to just seven points in the first half. The game was virtually under Oakland’s control until a couple of key mistakes in the second half cost them the win.

Despite what was at stake, this was the easiest loss of the year to stomach, given the exceptional performance by the team.

Playoffs or no playoffs, the Raiders have definitely made a forceful statement this season and they are doing that by simply winning games. There is a stronger sense of unity among this Raider squad, which we haven’t seen for over seven seasons.

Regardless of your opinion about the man, Tom Cable has done wonders for his team. He, along with the veterans and stellar rookies, has turned a dismantled mess into a competent team that possesses that winning mentality.

So, why not take a look at the playoff picture? Now, I’m not some crazy conspiracy theorist, so forgive me when I say the Raiders are still in contention for an AFC West title. We’ll need a lot to go our way, but it’s best to keep that hope alive.

The first and foremost priority is for the Raiders to win out. This has been under heavy scrutiny because the Ra...

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