The All-Time Oakland Raiders Defense

When evaluating an Oakland Raiders "all-time" team, there are more than just stats to consider. Stats alone may be ok for the fans of other teams, but not Raider Nation. Raider fans are arguably the most fervent and opinionated fans in the league. They also happen to be some of the most loyal. Therefore, you can't focus only on stats and production for a list like this. You must also take a player's loyalty to the team and fans, as well as their attitude into account. If you ain't a little nasty, you ain't a Raider! I will be using my eye as a former coach as well as my heart as a Raider fan to complete this list. There have been so many great players that wore Silver and Black over the years that it is incredibly difficult to narrow this down to a starting eleven. I'm certain there be plenty of people that will think I'm crazy and missed someone or added someone that shouldn't have been added. Winning and losing starts up front, so I will too...Begin Slideshow


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