The 5 Biggest Keys to Oakland Raiders’ 2012 NFL Free Agency Strategy

A lot has been made of the Raiders' lack of draft selections in the 2012 NFL draft. The Raiders have just two, but are likely to be awarded a few more by the NFL when they announce compensatory picks in late March.

The best pick that can be awarded is a pick at the end of the third round, and compensatory selections can't be traded.

In the NFL there is a salary cap and salary floor to keep all the teams as competitive as possible, but when it comes to draft selections they are traded like currency for acquiring players or more selections.

With such limited resources this offseason, the Oakland Raiders may need to take a page from the Oakland Athletics to stay competitive.

The most important lesson of Moneyball was that the A's determined a way to find value in the market. They did more with less and that's exactly what the Raiders need to do this offseason. 

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