The 2010 Oakland Raiders: My Thoughts On Free Agency and The Draft

First thing, you may be thinking, why the hell is there a picture of a Patriot in a Raider article?! My answer is that is my stud of the 2010 free agency class that Oakland will sign.

There are, I believe, five guys I really want us to re-sign: Seymour, Morrison, Howard, SeaBass, and Gradkowski. Assuming there is a new CBA in place by the time the free agency signing period starts, here are some guys I feel will be key for us to sign:

MLB Barrett Ruud, Tampa Bay—He’s young, and he’s is very good. He is a sure tackler and he will lock up the middle for years to come. He will allow us to move Morrison to SAM since that is his more natural position, IMO. Restricted FA (UFA with a new CBA)

RG Logan Mankins, New England—I have watched Logan Mankins since he played for my hometown Fresno State. He has played LG for NE, but I know that he is more than capable of making the switch to RG and he would still be a beast. He has started every game since being drafted in 2005. He’s a nasty player as evidence by his ejection against the Broncos his rookie year for hitting Ekuban in the balls after a missed field goal, makes him a perfect Raider. He is from California and I think he would be more than willing to sign with Oakland because then he’d be close to his family and I know that he loves spending time on his dad’s cattle ranch. Restricted FA (UFA with a new CBA)

LT Jared Gaither, Baltimore—I know that he is a RFA, but I wouldn’t mind offering him a contract that would give Baltimore our 2nd rounder. The only problem is that Baltimore could give him an offer that could require a 1st rounder, that I would not do. Gaither is only 24 and he is 6-foot-9 and 340 lbs. He is a stud LT and would allow us to move Mario to RT where he may be a better fit. Our OL would be pretty set with Gaither-Gallery-Satele-Mankins-Henderson. Restricted FA

RG Eugene Amano, Tennessee&mdas...

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