The 10 Best Former Raiders Who Belong In the Hall of Fame

The Raiders of the National Football League have had many great players over the years, and yet, a strong case can be made for many others.  As difficult as this was to do, I made a list of the ten best players in the history of the Raiders that are not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The key to choosing the right ten was to ask the following two-part questions.

Question 1:  Can the history of pro football be written without him?  How does he compare to a current member of the Hall of Fame?

Question 2: Did he dominate his position or role during a period in which the team won a championship (conference title or Super Bowl)?  If not, does he have multiple rings, or multiple records?

I should also explain my nuanced view of statistics as a metric for greatness. 

I compare the statistics of current inductees of the Hall of Fame.  This is a catch-22, but those people have already been determined as great by the Hall, thus it sets a precedent for comparison. 

In other words, I meet them halfway: If "you" think that person A is great, why isn't person B great, when he compares well to person A?

Although, the induction of Floyd Little in 2010 has really screwed-up the precedents. 

It seems that the only reason that Little was inducted is because you can't tell the history of the Denver Broncos without him.  Clearly then, the induction of Little was propaganda to make people think that the history of pro football required the Broncos to play in Denver.

Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos has more yards, more touchdowns, more rings, and more awards than Little.  And yet, Little is in and Davis is not.  What a crock.

The fact that the Hall has often contradicted itself with double-standards is a source of ire for many fans that claim bias, especially amongst Raider Nation.

I also use career statistics...

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