Terrelle Pryor Should Stay on Bench for Oakland Raiders in 2011

Don’t mess up a good thing, Oakland. Give Terrelle Pryor a redshirt this season.

The Raiders are 3-2 and one of the surprise teams in the NFL because they have an identity.

They are an elite rushing team (second in the NFL), and they take full advantage of a superior offensive line that is quietly one of the best in the game.

The passing game is all about game management. QB Jason Campbell is perfect for this role as he is one of the smartest QBs in the league. He doesn’t take a ton of chances downfield, but he doesn’t force the ball and rarely puts his team in a bad spot.

He’s not a fantasy quarterback; he’s an even-keeled, smart and passionate player that is perfect for this Raiders team.

Throwing Pryor into the mix would do three things right off the bat:

1. Effectively end Campbell’s career in Oakland just like the whole Kyle Orton situation is playing out in Denver. Once you commit to Pryor there is no turning back.

2. The locker room would be completely divided. Veterans in the twilight of their career will not be willing to throw in the towel so they can watch a rookie struggle.

3. Pryor’s progression would be stunted because he’s not ready. Bad habits would develop and he might not ever turn into the QB everyone thinks he can become down the road.

Obviously things change if the Raiders lose five games in a row…but barring some sort of huge collapse over the next few weeks (highly unlikely with Cleveland, Kansas City and Denver on tap), Campbell should be the starter for the remainder of the season.

Pryor is still an immature 21-year-old that needs ample time to transition to the NFL game. He has to work extremely hard on his footwork, throwing mechanics and ability to read the entire field. These skills don’t come overnight.

Pryor has to make the extra effor...

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