Tennessee Titans Crush Oakland Raiders: One Bad Game, or Sign of Things To Come?

Wow! I sure didn't see that one coming. Maybe, as a Raider, fan I see things as being better than they really are.

Maybe all the improvements of the off-season were not as dramatic as they seemed. Maybe this is still a bad football team.

Or this might just be the case of young team going on the road and laying an egg against a quality opponent. Maybe this game has no bearing on what happens the rest of the season.

You've probably heard the old adage that no team is bad or as good as they looked in the previous week. I hope this rings true, because if not the Raiders are in for a long season.

I only saw one real bright spot and that was the running and receiving of Darren McFadden. Other than that any positive statement is grasping at straws.

A confidence boost should be coming next Sunday in the form of the St. Louis Rams. This will be a chance for the Raiders to right the ship.

If the Raiders really are improved they'll handle the Rams quite easily. If not, then once again we might as well start looking ahead to next year and another high draft pick.

I'm hoping, much like fans of other teams who struggled in Week 1, San Fransisco anyone, that it was just one bad game. Because if it is a sign of things to come every seemingly positive thing that's happened leading up to this point will have been of no use.

What do you think Raider Nation? One bad game, or a sign of things to come?

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