Take a Load Off, Russell, the Oakland Raiders Just Sure Did

So in the spirit of over-written topics, I would like to put my spin on the recent release of JaMarcus Russell.

It's an unfortunate thing when a talented person fails at something they were meant to do.  And JaMarcus Russell did just that. 

An unfair set of circumstances?  Maybe, but JaMarcus had many opportunities to shine.  Unfortunately, the only thing about JaMarcus that ever shined, was his jewelry.

By letting Russell go, Oakland has saved upwards of $6 million, enough to sign an Pro Bowl-caliber player.  One such player comes to mind, and would greatly improve Oakland's status as an NFL contender.

Terrell Owens.

Owens would give Oakland an unquestioned number one wide-out.  He could immediately step in and, if he works hard enough, take Oakland right into the playoffs.

This is hypothetical of course, as there has been no mention of Owens to Oakland, at least not officially.

In my mind, releasing Russell was the right thing to do, giving Oakland more roster options, and making Campbell the clear-cut starter.

I wish Russell the best in his future endeavors, and hope to God that he doesn't go to another team and become what he should have been all along.

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