T.O. or Not to T.O.? That Is the Question

If T.O. comes back next season, it's more than likely he'll be donning the silver and black.

Personally, as a member of Raider Nation, I like the idea.

Yes, I know he's a prima donna, but you can't deny that the man can play some ball. He has accumulated 148 touchdowns in his 16-year career and is one of four players in history to have over 1,000 career receptions, with 1,006 (side-note: If Owens comes to Oakland, the Raiders would have had three of those four receivers on their team at one point, with Tim Brown and Jerry Rice being the others).

Age is also an issue. Being 36 may actually be a good thing in Owens' case. He is probably humbled quite a bit after his abysmal, five-touchdown outing with the Bills. Hopefully, the fact that he has been snubbed by basically every other team in the off-season has matured him.

With the addition of Jason Campbell, the Raiders need a big target receiver. Add T.O. in there and Campbell would have a good core of guys to toss to along with Zack Miller and Louis Murphy (and maybe Hey-Bay, but that's another story).

If Darren McFadden stays healthy and a raw, yet revamped O-line holds through, that sounds like a pretty solid offense to go along with a pretty solid defense.

Is T.O.'s dramatic baggage worth carrying for team in need of play-maker? I would say so (at least for a season or two.) What do you think?

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