Straight Out of Hell: Al Davis’s Mug in 1080p Hits TVs in Ice Cube’s Raiders Doc

Last night I beheld a sight no man could ever want to see: Al Davis's mug in glorious 1080p HD.

I knew I should never have watched a documentary done by Ice Cube on the fusion of hardcore gangsta rap and the Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders.

I TiVO'd the program yesterday evening. The program aired at 5 p.m., which is drive time in Los Angeles...for those of us who actually work. A group of friends from work came home with me and watched it.

When Davis made his first appearance on the program, my living room suddenly fell silent. I mean really silent. You could hear a mouse pee on a cotton ball at that point.

Frankly, I am surprised that Davis would consent to appear on camera at this point in time. Even the most dedicated fans of the NFL's Godfather would have to admit: The man is in pretty bad shape at this point.

I was not the only one who thought so. Jim Rome was heard reading a hilarious e-mail just a few moments ago on his radio show, which went a little like this:

"All that money...thousands of dollars spent on incredible HDTV equipment...more spent on an HD signal from DirectTV, and this is what I get for it? I am going back to low-def."

A fellow across the hallway in my building is a Raider fan, and, of course, he watched the documentary. His baby was still screaming a half-hour later after the documentary ended...right around the time we arrived.

His wife is considering suing for damages. She believes her child has been permanently traumatized in this affair. She reserves all rights in this matter.

I have frequently commented that Davis is on death watch, and Raider fans frequently get up in the morning and check with to see if Davis is still with us. If you ever wanted to know why I say this, just have a good look at the Ice Cube documentary.

One look at the man is a perfectly good explana...

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