Solving A Few Bruce Gradkowski Myths

I've read some of the articles about why Bruce Gradkowski isn't worthy or talented enough to start for the Raiders. I got curious today and decided to "debunk/question" the major three reasons.

"Bruce is too short, skinny, small, fragile, etc"

Let's compare his size to two different QB's

Gradkowski: 6'1'', 220lbs

Troy Smith: 6'0'', 225 lbs

Drew Brees: 6'0'', 209 lbs

Those against Gradkowski starting generally say Smith should be the starter in Oakland. Not much of a difference, since Gradkowski is one inch taller and Troy is five pounds heavier.

Wait a minute, this can't be right. Gradkowski is taller and heavier than the 2009 Superbowl MVP? Hmm, I guess size really doesn't matter.

I guess Brees shouldn't have gotten picked up by the Saints after the Chargers dropped him, since he doesn't fit the NFL size requirements.

Conclusion: Myth Debunked

"Gradkowski has a pea shooter, no arm strength, etc"

Let's take a look at 1:30 on this clip

From our 17 yard line to the opponent's 25 yard line in the air (58 yards). Murphy ran the other 25 yards to the end zone. What did you expect? An 83 yard TD bomb that would land in the end zone?

Gradkowski had enough "arm strength" to hit Murphy in stride, 58 yards through the air. More than adequate. How many times per game does a QB throw 60 yard bombs? Maybe two or three times a game. Keep in mind almost every throw in the video is a completion of 20-30 yards in the air.

Conclusion: Myth Debunked

And lastly, my favorite Myth:

"Gradkowski is a journey man QB, a backup at best, cut by three other teams, etc"

Well, here is a little history on those three teams and the situation in these cases.

He was drafted in the ...

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