So-Called Oakland Raider Nation Members Are Embarrassing Us True Fans

Once the Raiders got crushed in Week 1 against the Tennessee Titans by 25 points, fans and analysts around the country jumped off the Raider wagon.

Fans from other teams who predicted the Raiders would do well this season immediately changed their minds and marked the Raiders as having another horrid season.

Analysts called it a case of "new faces, same old Raiders."

The worst thing, though, is so-called Raider fans bashing everyone on the team from Jason Campbell to Rolando McClain.

After the loss, bandwagon Raider fans immediately flooded Jerry McDonald's blog, making comments like "4-12" and "Bench Campbell."


You call yourself a fan?

Raider Nation boasts the most loyal and devoted fans in the league, but attendance and revenue has declined largely these past few years.

Once the Raiders made some improvements this offseason, it seemed as though new fans joined Bleacher Report every day on Oakland's section. Those same fans are already hitting the panic button and saying, "the season's over!"

I think I speak for all true Raider fans when I say this is embarrassing.

Raider fans are supposed to be poster children for what fans should be. Loyal and passionate.

But when so-called members of Raider Nation start flooding forums and blogs saying Jason Campbell, the same quarterback they marked as a savior a few months ago, should be benched, you know something is wrong.

Just pitiful.

True Raider fans would never say such a thing after just one game.

Yes, it is a fan's job to complain about players and coaches, but not to the extent of this after the season opener.

Support your team.

And if not, go be a Niner fan or something.

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