Sleeper Spotlight: Which Vikings Receiver Will Be the Real Fantasy Value

When it comes to fantasy football, the term sleeper has become so cliché and overused that it sort of defeats the purpose to call any player a true sleeper anymore.

Once upon a time a sleeper in fantasy football was an unknown quantity that had the potential to become a household name. In other words, a player who was likely to go undrafted in most leagues, but who could carry a team to the fantasy promised land off waivers for a watchful owner who stayed on top of the news.

Sidney Rice was a great example last year. Everyone was focused on Bernard Berrian during the preseason as the guy who was going to statistically explode under Brett Favre’s tutelage in Minnesota.

Several weeks into the season, people were scooping Rice off waivers faster than Kirstie Alley scarfing down a Krispy Kreme. The key is recognizing situations that could produce a true sleeper, which I’ll try to do on a regular basis with this new “Sleeper Spotlight” feature.

Let everyone else gloat over their “sleepers” who will cost them a mid-round draft pick. If anything, these players are “value picks,” to this humble fantasy writer. Sleepers are a little more rare, a little more select and a lot more fun to steal from your league mates for pennies on the dollar.

How do you spot a solid sleeper option? Go through player news with a fine tooth comb, watch for players who get mostly unexpected opportunities and who will likely take advantage of said opportunities with a zest and zeal that keeps them in that role long-term.

This is the first of a new series of features I’ll be working on, highlighting situations that could produce some great value players you should keep a close eye on.

Minnesota Vikings receivers The Minnesota Vikings have suffered through a colorful offseason. Unfortunately, that color is more black-and-blue than purple.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders