Sizing Up The Franchise Label: Did The Oakland Raiders Do The Right Thing?

For a moment, pretend you're about to touch the free agency market. You've had some great years; you have talent; and you have the possibility of going wherever the money will lead you.

Then you get a call and your agent tells you, you've been locked down for another season.

What sort of thoughts run through your mind? Is life unfair? It's just business? Or do you feel like you're being held hostage in the NFL?

A lot of those thoughts depend on your point of view and your mindset.

First things first.

Richard Seymour came to Oakland last year, shortly before the first game and after the initial shock wore off, Seymour had a decent season with the Raiders. Considering that this was his last year of a previous contract, Seymour had two choices: sit, or play out, become a free agent, and hope for a long-term deal.

As the season progressed, Seymour seemed to enjoy his stint with the Raiders and was having his agent work with the Raiders for a long-term deal in Oakland.

For one reason or another....time ran out and the Raiders elected to tag him, effectively taking him off the market.

To that end, it's just business. You wouldn't expect the Raiders to let him walk, would you?

The second point of view, comes from the players who have been forced to stay with clubs, when they know there's more money out there.

Julius Peppers last year made a lot of noise considering his forced stay in Carolina,and so finally due to the numbers that a franchise tag pays a player, they elected to let him walk away from the club this offseason; he should command a healthy price.

The Raiders in the last few years had two players to mention that were tagged. One was Nnamdi Asomugha, for a season, and Charles Woodson, now playing with Green Bay.

One resented the treatment, while the other one played it professionally.

Also of mention, consider...

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