Sipping Purple Drank: Regrading the First Round of the 2007 NFL Draft

It has now been three full seasons since the 2007 NFL Draft occurred.  For those of you who can't put faces on this particular year, this is the draft where JaMarcus Russell's athleticism was supposed to impress everyone for years to come, and we all laughed at the plight of Brady Quinn as he nervously wiggled in his chair before being landed by the team who wanted him most, Cleveland.

But what none of us like to remember is the longevity of this first round.  Six hours and eight minutes of nothing but talk about predictions by talking heads, the likes of Mel Kiper's hair and Todd McShay's boyish charm, in which all grades of A's or B's were given to soothe all the fans hopes that they got their guy.

However, after three years, it's time to give a true grade to these First Round draft picks and determine who picked correctly, who has the potential for greatness, and who simply bombed out on their selection.  And if you're curious why this isn't a slide-show, it's because you're an adult and shouldn't need a picture-book.


No. 1 Oakland Raiders JaMarcus Russell (QB) (LSU)

Ah good ole JaMarbust Russell.  I believe for weeks all we heard about was how this mediocre college player's amazing athleticism mirrored Steve McNair's and was going to be a cornerstone of the future.  His pro day was frequently cited as an example of his commitment to the NFL, he lost weight at an incredible level for the scouts and was able to bill himself as any team's necessity for future success. 

How'd that turn out? 

Well after three years in the league, Russell got his walking papers from the Raiders after a season during which he had the lowest Quarterback Rating, Completion Percentage, fewest passing yards, and fewest years left on his life thanks to his obesity.  Adding to this problem is the recent criminal investigation relat...

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